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Denitek Computers
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About Denitek Computers

Denitek Computers was established in the Year 1995 with the objective of providing maintenance service and multi vendor support services for all brands of personal computers. Within a short span of time, the organization has extended its activities to encompass all areas of the information sector. These activities include – computer system integration and marketing, peripherals, distribution, hardware support and training, consultancy & providing internet solutions. Along with the increased activity levels, the company extended its reach over a wide geographical area. The pioneering efforts of the company have enabled it to meet the ever-increasing information technology requirements of the customers. Company is today dealer/resellers for world leading brands like IBM, Compaq, Intel, Hewlett Packard, Wipro, Asus & software like Microsoft, Adobe etc. This has enabled the company to provide high technology solutions for growing base of customers. A strong technology foundation and large pool of qualified talent have ensure that the company has carved a niche for itself in the competitive information technology sector. Commitment to customer satisfaction has been the motto of the company and this policy has helped the organization to build up a large base of satisfied clients. Company specializes in providing services to Corporate & Education Sector.

The company got its Vat Tin No. is as follows, Vat Tin No. : 27910258195V
The Permanent Account Number (PAN) of the company is as follows PAN No. : ABUPD4526D

Management :
Mr. Dennis D’Abreo (Computer Engineer) with experience of 17 years, Mr. Stephen D'Abreo with experience of 12 years in computers installations & integration looks after the technology.

System Integration and Facility Support :
The impending trend for the companies in the later half of the 1990’s Seems to be increased dependency on system integrators to take more proactive role in the Planning phases. It is becoming increasingly clear that Hardware and Software Engineering are parallel worlds that must more than coexists- they must complement one another.

Strengths of Denitek Computers :
  • High Degree of technology awareness
  • Flexible and sensitive to clients need
  • Over 6 skilled IT Professionals
  • Strong Project management experience
  • Cost effective and time services
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